Improve Efficiency in document processing: Reduce Cost through Noise Elimination

According to a recent McKinsey report, automating document processing with IDP has the potential to save organizations up to 90% in operational costs. IDP solutions provide greater accuracy through advanced machine technologies built over deep human expertise. With consistently better accuracies through an IDP solution, a mortgage lender can utilize the manpower for more important tasks.

To deliver over 99% accuracy in document processing, DocVu.AI uses noise reduction technology to eliminate noise and extract the required information. Noise in document imaging is degradation in image quality due to external factors such as multi photocopying of the images, problem in image capturing or degradation of documents over a period of time. DocVu.AI uses deep learning to train its AI models to learn from millions of images.  DocVu.AI can now accurately distinguish between real image detail and noise. This allows DocVu.AI to remove noise while actually recovering the required information.

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Financial institutions that use DocVU.AI experience lower error rate and are closer to straight through processing for mortgage applications

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