Insurance Claims Processing

Lightning fast claims processing. Every time!

Reduce the waiting time for customers during their hour of emergencies with quick claims processing and accurate resolutions

Claims Processing

Lengthy claims processing driving away customers?

Insurance claims can become a time-taking procedure for the customers with multiple form fills, repeated back and forth between the insurers and customers, and delayed resolution due to redundant background operations. Consequently, the customer experience is affected and customer retention is reduced.


Provide assured claim settlements to customers

Process more claims and avoid discrepancies during validation to offer speedy resolution to your customers. DocVu.AI’s AI and ML-based business engine allows you to handle end-to-end claims processing with more confidence and provide faster settlements.

Claim Processing Solutions


DocVu.AI Capabilities

Claims Processing

Insurance Claims processing

Process more claims by making your backend processes more efficient.
Claims Loss Reporting

Claims loss reporting

Record and manage the claims history for all your customers for faster resolutions.
Claims Eligblity Verification

Eligibility verification

Verify claims documents accurately to offer speedy settlements to your customers
Claims Review

Review, adjust & settle

Manage end-to-end claims settlement process and offer more efficient closure.


DocVu_Use Case Workflows

Maximize insurance claim approvals with a document processing automation solution, DocVu.AI.

Improve your document processing speed and enhance your data extraction efficiency using DocVu.AI.

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