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Capture and classify data from documents automatically with DocVu.AI’s Intelligent document processing solution


DocVu.AI at a Glance

Why DocVu.AI IDP platform is uniquely poised to solve the issues of data extraction and recording

Integrate DocVu.AI with your existing system seamlessly and configure your workflow engines according to business needs to improve document processing efficiency and improve data flow without any changes to your working procedures through auto team assignment based on tasks lead and rules.

Mortgage package audit identifies missing files and triggers tasks to gather them using a combination of machine learning and artificial intelligence to generate accurate document indexing. Classification helps choosing the algorithm to treat documents & images and leads to 99.89% accuracy in classification and sequencing in multi-document packages

Extract the necessary data from indexed documents after image processing for mortgage analysis with centralized document formats, ensuring high level of accuracy and minimize human effort. Manage the challenging task of handling data in a common format using DocVu.AI’s automation that enables template-less document processing with unstructured data.

Integrated and customizable shared dashboards that enable involvement of multiple teams as required and ensure visibility of performance.

Configurable centralized QA checklists to ensure compliance of the mortgage document processing as per your unique processes and requirements. In-house QC team brings the technology and industry expertise required for document processing. Dedicated L1 & L2 ensures all the client’s needs are met on priority that ensures DocVu.AI’s accuracy throughout the year

DocVu.AI enables straight-through processing with 98% accuracy, which reduces human involvement in processing to just 6% of the documents for processing and reviews. Using business rules engine and data analytics, banks can create customized rules to automate tasks and trigger events for faster process completion and improve cross team working.


Automated Documents Processing with the DocVu.AI

Maximize productivity while processing mortgage using the intelligent document processing automation solution by DocVu.AI.

Docvu AI Article Better Validation of Documents

Better Validation of Documents

Ensure data from all mortgage documents are indexed, captured and transformed into machine recognizable formats using OCR and IDP capabilities to obtain a error-free documents and records.

Docvu AI Accurate Data Extraction

Accurate Data Extraction

Improve accuracy of collected data from documents with automated data extraction from unstructured bulk documents at precision without any manual interventions.

Docvu AI Streamlined Segregation of data

Streamlined Segregation of data

Automatically index and organize the information from all the documents using AI/ML-based engines.

Docvu Product Faster processing time

Faster processing

Improve processing speed per set of mortgage documents using automated document processing and parse more number of loans.

Ideal integration with DocVu.AI

Ideal integration with legacy systems

Easily integrate your document processing system with DocVu.AI to start making mortgage processing and documents validation efficient.


The technology behind DocVu.AI

DocVu.AI leverages cutting-edge technologies to extract information from structured and unstructured documents and transform them into actionable data and improve the operational efficiency of your processes. DocVu.AI provides opportunities to innovate new features and higher service levels for customers with 100% data extraction accuracy and straight-through processing. DocVu.AI’s advanced features in document processing capabilities streamlines and optimizes mortgage, Insurance, Banking, and Accounting operations.

Event-based process automation

Definable business rules engine to manage tasks and events drive workflows in the mortgage industry. Auto trigger of events based on business rules in document processing operations ensures faster mortgage analysis.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Extract Data from unstructured documents and reduce complexities while recording mortgage data automatically by reducing human interventions. Leverage the enhanced capabilities of intelligent OCR, AI and ML to improve accuracy of document processing and templateless records of data.

Pre-trained models with computer vision

Offer more value to your customers by improving post extraction data analysis and reporting. Improve your control over customer data and improve process efficiency by reducing escalations and seamless validation of information.

End to End Automated Intelligent Document Processing Workflow

Maximize mortgage approvals with a document processing automation solution, DocVu.AI.

Manage your documents better and improve your data extraction efficiency using DocVu.AI.

Integrating DocVu.AI

Integrate DocVu.AI seamlessly with your existing legacy systems  and automated LOS systems with connectors to enable better efficiency in your mortgage document processing.

Initiate and offer mortgage solutions with improved accuracy and faster turnaround time.

Enables end-to-end mortgage document management and offers better control by integrating with Alfresco document management system.

Go paperless and automate the information flow among all your teams to improve productivity and flexibility while reducing operational expenses with ease.

Makes your existing mortgage processing system more efficient and accurate with easy integration.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) is the process of using AI technologies to automate the extraction, interpretation, and processing of information from various documents. It helps automate manual document-based processes and extract relevant information for your intended use.
OCR is a technology that converts scanned or printed text into editable and searchable text, while IDP is a broader concept that combines OCR with AI technologies to automate document processing and extract relevant information. In simple terms, OCR provides the information you want but may still require human intervention for further processing, whereas IDP provides the data ready for consumption.
DocVu.AI, an Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) solution, distinguishes itself from its competitors through advanced AI capabilities to simplify indexing and extracting relevant information from structured and unstructured data for processing using OCR, pre-trained ML models, and event-based process automation. It also allows seamless integration with existing systems, customization as per requirements, a user-friendly interface, information security, compliance measures, comprehensive support, and maintenance services that offer scalability at an enterprise level. Overall, DocVu.AI stands out by leveraging its deep understanding of each domain, enabling the combination of human expertise and machine intelligence to deliver maximum value to customers.
Customers using Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) benefit from faster processing, improved accuracy, enhanced data security, streamlined processes, personalized experiences, and cost savings.
IDP automation offers advantages such as increased efficiency, reduced errors, cost savings, and faster turnaround time for business services.
DocVu.AI can analyze various documents, regardless of format, including invoices, purchase orders, receipts, contracts, insurance claims, financial statements, HR documents, bank statements, and medical records.
AI is transforming the mortgage document processing industry through intelligent automation, fraud detection, risk assessment, compliance, customer service chatbots, and predictive analytics.
DocVu.AI can optimize document capture, classification, retrieval, and workflow processes in document management.
Yes. DocVu.AI is suitable for businesses of all sizes, providing automated document management and workflow optimization to improve efficiency and productivity.
AI-based intelligent document processing refers to using artificial intelligence (AI) technologies to automate the extraction, classification, and processing of information from various documents. It involves utilizing machine learning and natural language processing algorithms to understand and interpret the content of documents, enabling organizations to streamline document-based workflows, improve accuracy, and enhance efficiency.
Yes, DocVu.AI can integrate with other business systems, facilitating data sharing and workflow automation.
DocVu.AI prioritizes security for document processing through data encryption, access control, compliance with regulations, audit trails, and secure infrastructure.
Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) converts unstructured and semi-structured data into structured, usable information, providing end-to-end automation for document-centric business processes.
Companies need intelligent document processing (IDP) for increased efficiency, improved accuracy, and cost savings. IDP automates document extraction, reducing manual labor and human errors, resulting in streamlined operations, higher data accuracy, and reduced processing time. It enables companies to handle large volumes of documents, comply with regulations, and enhance the overall customer experience.

Document processing improves business performance and operational agility by optimizing core processes. Documenting processes during execution enables employees to learn by doing, gaining insights from mistakes and successes to refine processes.

When selecting an Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) solution for your business, consider the following factors:

  1. Accuracy and reliability of the solution’s machine learning algorithms
  2. Flexibility and configurability to adapt to your specific document types and workflows
  3. Integration capabilities with existing systems
  4. Scalability to handle your document volumes
  5. Security measures to protect sensitive data
  6. Vendor support and reputation
  7. Cost-effectiveness and return on investment.


Evaluate multiple solutions, conduct proofs-of-concept, and involve key stakeholders to ensure the selected IDP solution aligns with your business needs and goals.