"Faster mortgage document processing with lower costs" Automate mortgage document processing with AI and ML-powered solution with pre-trained models for mortgage industry


Automated Mortgage Processing

What does DocVu.AI offer?

DocVu.AI offers faster processing of mortgage documents that allow lenders to offer quicker and accurate mortgages to customers. DocVu.AI leverages the power of AI and ML-based technologies to provide intelligent document processing solutions to lender to improve their efficiency and productivity, while ensuring a positive customer experience.

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Offer unmatched speed in mortgage document processing without compromising accuracy

The automated document processing capabilities of DocVu.AI enables faster, more accurate, and optimized mortgage processing capabilities. It provides mortgage lenders with the competence to classify financial documents, detect fraud, and analyze mortgage application data to enable faster analysis of mortgage data for faster mortgage decisions. DocVu.AI provides support for loan origination, application, approval, closing, and second closing, as well as loan servicing and securitization. It can be easily integrated into your existing system with all features ready from Day 1 to offer secure and faster mortgages to your customers.

Customer Onboarding & KYC

Customer Onboarding & KYC

Extract and collect customer information from multiple documents and record their data securely making loan processing faster and efficient.

Mortgage Underwriting

Mortgage Underwriting

Manage end-to-end mortgage processing and analyze customer credibility for disbursing mortgage with AI-based workflow engines. Carry out pre-approval checks, assets and income verifications, and more to expediate the approval decision.

Mortgage QC Audits

Improve the validation of your credit decision by analyzing the pre-funding and post-closure checks faster and close mortgages accurately.

Mortgage Appraisals

Mortgage Appraisals & Valuations

Evaluate property valuation and run mandatory verifications digitally to improve visibility into the mortgage transactions.


Records Digitization

Keep digital record of all documents associated throughout the process to have a holistic view of the customer profile and their mortgage eligibility.

Mortgage Servicing

Hassle-free mortgage servicing for lenders and service providers that allows them to manage bulk transfer of loans by leveraging DocVu.AI's automation solutions. Eliminate errors due to manual processing and scale up your servicing operations seamlessly by integrating DocVu.AI with your legacy system.

Automate mortgage document processing with DocVu.AI

Make mortgage processing efficient and accurate with DocVu.AI.

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Know your mortgage processing ROI

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can add new forms and document types very quickly.

Yes you can configure the data required to be extracted from the document

Yes DocVu.AI is designed to be modular and configurable so that it can be adapted to your processes. DocVu.AI has close to 100 clients and comply with their unique processes

DocVu.AI’s load balancers can negotiate fluctuating volumes easily.

Yes, DocVu.AI generates reports that you can use. DocVu.AI can generate customized reports and adhoc reports as well.


Yes, you can audit a specific mortgage loan.

DocVu.AI can be adapted to changes to your systems from infrastructure to platforms and applications.

DocVu.AI can be adapted quickly to a new state.

Offer more mortgages to your customers

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