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Facing scalability challenges in your servicing business?

Mortgage Servicing Rights bulk transfer processes require mortgage servicers to scale up their operations instantly. If the document processing and verification are manual, they slow down the entire process and can make it error-prone, reducing the quality of processed documents. Further, inconsistent formats of mortgage documents, variable sources of incoming data, and missing vital information make MSR processing challenging for lenders with generic automation solutions.


Offer seamless mortgage servicing to your customers

DocVu.AI’s Intelligent document processing solution uses AI to automate the mortgage servicing that indexes, extracts, and processes information fast, irrespective of their formats. DocVu.AI’s automated event-based process automation eliminates efficiency bottlenecks by reducing escalations and seamless data validation.


DocVu.AI Capabilities

Bulk MSR Transfers

Automate bulk transfer with Loan File Indexing, Loan Set Up & Processing, Data Validation & Reconciliation, Collateral Reconciliation/Curing, and Data Mapping & Coding to System of Record Image to improve processing efficiency.

In Transit/Post Transfer

Seamless processing of mortgage servicing by effective Assignments of Mortgage, MERS reconciliation, Collateral/Custodial Tracking, and ACH setup for better Post Transfer of mortgage.

Early Stage Default/Loss Mitigation

Manage revenue loss by analyzing Imminent Default, Loan Modification, Mortgage Release, and Home Retention Options using Waterfall Model with Default Reporting to maximize your margins.

Foreclosure Servicing

Offer faster mortgage foreclosure with efficient FC Assignments, Pre-referral Review Conduct, Property Evaluation, and Attorney Oversight & Scorecards, and delight your customers.

Process Flow

Offer faster mortgage servicing with a document processing automation solution, DocVu.AI.

Improve your document processing speed and enhance your data extraction efficiency using DocVu.AI

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