Streamline Accounts Payable with AI-Led Invoice Processing Automation & Outsourcing Solutions

Enhance finance operations with AI-led invoice processing automation. Streamline accounts payable and outsource for efficient invoice automation.

Invoice Processiong

Vulnerable to processing error?

Extracting data from multiple invoices across vendors can become a tedious task. Further, inconsistent formats, physical invoicing, variable incoming sources, and missing line items can cause error in extracting and recording the necessary data.


Track invoices with seamless accuracy

DocVu.AI’s Intelligent invoice processing solution uses AI to identify, capture, classify, and record invoices automatically, irrespective of their formats, within minutes. DocVu.AI’s template less invoice processing extracts information fast and eliminates efficiency bottlenecks to accelerate invoice management and track transactions effortlessly.

Invoice Processing Solution

Value Propositions

Why lenders prefer DocVu.AI to reduce mortgage document processing time?

DocVu.AI’s Intelligent Document Processing platform streamlines mortgage operations with greater agility, flexibility and accuracy.


Template-less and intelligent invoice processing

Extract and record transactions across vendors and invoices irrespective of the source or formats into a simple standard invoice processing format to have a better clarity over accounts payable and accounts receivables.
Signature Verification

Fraud detection and signature verification

Identify fraudulent invoices or signatures with AI-based pattern recognition engine to keep your financial data safe.
Document Indexing

Accurate document indexing

Index your invoices better to have a clear recording of every incoming and outgoing transactions and reduce complications during settlements.
Electronic Invoices

Electronic issuance, transmission, and receiving of invoices

Collect and send invoices over electronic media and declutter your office desk from piles of physical invoices.

End-to-end automated Invoice processing Workflow

Invoice Processing_Mobile

Choose AI-Led Invoice Processing Automation and Outsource Your Invoice Management!

Make invoice processing efficient and accurate with DocVu.AI.

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