Accurately extract data from any document using AI/ML

Make data extraction easier according to the required data points across documents.

Parsing through data points causing a bottleneck in faster document processing?

Collecting and recording customer data is only the job half done. Identifying the accurate information according to the requirement.

AI-Automated Solution

Make extraction of critical information from complex documents faster.

DocVu.AI offers highly scalable data capture platform that enables businesses to use relevant data and process every document accurately. DocVu.AI’s pre-built intelligent document processing capabilities allows companies automate content-centric workflows with AI. It ingests, classifies, and extracts data efficiently before turning it into actionable insights for further processing.

Docvu Extraction Solutions

Value Propositions

Why lenders prefer DocVu.AI to reduce mortgage document processing time

DocVu.AI’s Intelligent Document Processing platform streamlines mortgage operations with greater agility, flexibility and accuracy.


Accurate data extraction with OCR capabilities

Extract accurate data by leveraging a library of extraction technology including conventional OCR tools. DocVu.AI automatically select the most effective technology seamlessly for the submitted document type based on the extraction requirements to make it faster and efficient.

Template-less processing using Machine Learning

DocVu.AI leverage machine learning and pattern recognition to extract information from documents. It optimizes unstructured and semi-structured documents to identify required data without using templates or complicated pre-configuration.
DOCUMENT validation

Quality assurance using AI for better validation

Ensure highest level safety and quality in data verification using DocVu.AI's built-in algorithmic checks that eliminates risk of manual errors and triggers human validation steps only during emergencies. Trigger error messages in case of data gaps and improve extraction efficiency

Extract data from unstructured document

DocVu.AI delivers accurate and noise-free data irrespective of the source format in a highly structured format. The end-to-end automation ingests unstructured data from documents and converts them to structured data allowing reliable data integration.

Automate your document extraction process with DocVu.AI

Make data extraction efficient and accurate with DocVu.AI.

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