Finance and Accounting

Improve efficiency in Finance & Accounting operations with IDP solution

Docvu AI Finance and Accounting

Finance and Accounting

What does DocVu.AI offer?

Offer seamless customer experience by offering a reduced waiting time and greater benefits to the users. DocVu.AI’s intelligent document processing allows you to extract customer accurately and efficiently to provide better customer visibility.


Expedite finance and accounting processes to manage your finances and accounting services better with transparent and secure record management

Enable automation in finance and accounting services to improve data quality and accuracy to provide enhanced customer services. DocVu.AI offers faster, more reliable, and more accurate document processing on-demand with AI/ML-based document indexing and extraction for customer onboarding, servicing, and compliance with more than 99% accuracy. DocVu.AI supports 2-factor and 3-factor invoice and purchase order processing for managing financing and payments & receivables with signature matching, forecasting future cash flows, and collateral valuation and verification. It manages the case documents in a central repository. It provides a 360-degree view of collaterals across the organization resulting in more controls to offer transparency in critical information in one place.


Invoice Processing

Process invoices across formats and incoming sources with more clarity to have a consolidated view of the financial transactions of your customers.

Procure to Pay Accounts

Procure-to-Pay - Accounts Payable

Seamlessly manage Accounts Payable transactions to have better control over your expenditure.

Tax and Remittance

Tax, Remittance, and Audit

Manage remittances, tax and audit records efficiently by automating information extraction and sorting data according to regulatory requirements.

Forex & Trade finance

Forex & Trade Finances

Make your business function without any country boundaries with accurate forex and trade finance management and processing.


Legal documents and Contracts

Create ironclad contracts and legal contracts that secures your business processes and transactions without violations.

Optimize finance & accounting processes with document processing solution, DocVu.AI.

Improve your document processing speed and enhance your data extraction efficiency using DocVu.AI.


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Streamline your Finance & Accounting processes

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