Intelligent Solutions to Complex Problems

Document data extraction is a complex problem that enterprises face. DocVu.AI is an Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) that uses AI & ML to improve mortgage operations.

DocVu.AI Mortgage Solution


Workflow Engine
Fully integrated work flow engine that enables 100% mortgage process compliance
Auto team assignment based on tasks load and rules
Portals enable various teams to get involved based on your processes
Customized dashboards and reports ensure visibility of performance
Document Indexing
Mortgage package audit identifies missing files and trigger tasks to fetch
A combination of machine learning and IDP brings accurate document indexing
Centralized Checklists
QA checklists make sure that mortgage document processing always exceeds your specific standards
QA Checklists are configurable as per your unique processes and requirements
Data Extraction
Extract required data from indexed documents for mortgage analysis
Centralized document formats ensure high level of accuracy of extraction
Business Rules Engine
Rules defined by you for tasks and events drive workflows
Auto trigger events based on business rules to speed up mortgage analysis


DocVu.AI uses advanced technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Data Analytics and Machine Learning to extract data from unstructured bulk documents. It enables storage, retrieval and searching the data and builds connector to integrate DocVu.AI with your systems.

DocVu.AI platform will:

  • Extract data from unstructured bulk documents with higher accuracy and precision with no manual intervention.
  • Segregrate and clasify documents, automatically indexing them using AI/ML aided engine.
  • Ensure documents are correct and validates missing documents.
  • Transforms the data into insights for associate review before the final packaging.
DocVu.AI Architecture


Loan Originations System Integrations
Deep integration with loan origination systems to enable seamless mortgage document processing
Document Management Systems Integration
DocVu.AI's integration with Alfresco document management system brings end to end document control in mortgage processing.

Custom Systems Integration

Our integration consultants will integrate DocVu.AI to your systems

Manual Document Processing is quaint and slow.
Intelligent Document Processing is modernized and smart.

AWS and AZURE cloud centred architecture allows DocVu.AI to tune performance
  • Process from 50 loans a month to 50K plus loans a month.
  • Reduce turnaround time to less than 45 minutes.
Choose the modules in DocVu.AI that you need
  • Automatic mortgage file audit.
  • Workflow Engine.
  • Indexing and stacking.
  • Data Extraction and Integrity Verification.
  • Business Rule Validation
  • Centralised Checklist
DocVu.AI can be aligned based on your unique workflows by configuring:
  • Business rules and Forms
  • Mortgage loan packages structures.
  • Data extraction and indexing

Security and Data Compliance

DocVu.AI is a SSAE 18 | SOC 1 & SOC 2 and ISO 27001 organization.

DocVu.AI is a SSAE 18 | SOC 1 & SOC 2 and ISO 27001 organization. We have strong Implementation towards the security controls in terms of Access Management, Change Management, Incident Management, Risk and Vulnerability Management and Business continuity Management.

DocVu.AI is PCI DSS level4 and COBIT 5 Level 2 Company

We are PCI DSS level4 and COBIT 5 Level 2 Company with a strong framework in place to ensure the high governance over all data types that are handled.

DocVu.AI is certified by Veracode

DocVu.AI is certified by Veracode to comply with the highest standards of security risk prevention

Cost of OwnerShip

Cost of Ownership

Minimal upfront Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) –

  • DocVu.AI introduces No Initial Investment Pricing Model in the mortgage industry and produces maximum results with minimum cost and efforts.
  • Positive RoI on day 1

Tier based pricing –

  • Choose the one which suits the business needs (Few Hundred loans to Million+)
  • Pay-as-you-go pricing models bring you flexibility and choice.
  • Turnkey project strategy

Frequently Asked Questions

My tech landscape has a custom loan origination system, can DocVu.AI integrate?

Yes, DocVu.AI can integrate to your custom loan origination systems. DocVu.AI has APIs that can be used to integrate to your custom LOS.

Our Loan origination system is not listed in the list of LOS that DocVU.AI integrates to?

We will build connectors to your LOS. Our integration specialists have built many connectors to LOSs and are experienced to build the connectors on time.

How long does it take to get DocVU.AI up and running?

It takes about 2-4 weeks for us to completely get DocVU.AI functioning as per your requirements.

Is there a dashboard?

Yes DocVU.AI comes with a dashboard that gives real time data about what is going on.

Do you release new features?

Yes, we have a roadmap and release new features periodically. You can choose to implement the
new features.

Do you have a facility to audit the operations?

Yes, you can Audit any document that is processed. DocVU.AI provides all the information required to audit and helps you build more robust systems.

Do you create production reports?

Yes, we create production reports, we also can customize reports and build ad-hoc reports.

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