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DocVu.AI presents InsideVu, a webinar in collaboration with Everest Group to help you navigate through the volatile Mortgage market.

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DocVu.AI's Document processing capabilities are recognized in Everest Group's IDP PEAK Matrix® Assessment 2022.

IBS has awarded DocVu.AI the most innovative use of AI / ML for BFSI

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Redefining Mortgage Document Processing

Making Faster Mortgages Possible

Why DocVu.AI?

AI powered Robust Document Indexing and Extraction

AI powered Robust Document Indexing and Extraction

  • AI and ML in DocVu.AI processes loads of images into neatly ordered set of digital documents and data
Smooth Integration with Existing Systems

Smooth Integration with Existing Systems

  • DocVu.AI seamlessly integrates into your existing systems landscape
Easy onboarding with in <br>weeks

Easy onboarding with in

  • With our deep seated mortgage expertise and preconfigured templates onboarding is a breeze
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Advantage DocVu.AI

Automatic Data Extraction
No human intervention
Scope for adding new fields
AI/ML Based Data Processing
AI and ML improves accuracy
Automatic mortgage file audits
Rapid Scalability
Quick response to volume
Cost Management
Easy Data Source Addition
Choose from multiple data sources
Zero impact on existing features
Auto Indexing
Auto identify documents based on rules
Define new document types
Continuous Improvement
Access to new features
Timely releases

DocVu.AI is the preferred choice of mortgage institutions to achieve higher accuracy faster.

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