Mortgage Servicing

MSR Acquisitions

The entire loan package has to be validated with the data provided at the time a servicer acquires new MSRs.

DocVu.AI reviews the loan package and identifies the missing document (through a configurable checklist).

DocVu.AI indexes documents, extracts data and notifies inconsistencies. The extracted data is compared to the data in the LOS.
MSR Acquistion
Service Transfer

Service Transfers

When a loan is transferred from one provider to another then the Mortgage documents need to be verified and crossreferenced with the data provided.

DocVu.AI extracts data from documents and compares the data in the document with the data in the LOS.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I add new forms & document types to the process?

Yes, you can add new forms and document types very quickly.

Can I edit the data required to be extracted?

Yes you can configure the data required to be extracted from the document

How can DocVu.AI adapt to a change in process?

Yes DocVu.AI is designed to be modular and configurable so that it can be adapted to your processes. DocVu.AI has close to 100 clients and comply with their unique processes

How does DocVu.AI adapt to fluctuating volumes?

DocVu.AI’s load balancers can negotiate fluctuating volumes easily.

Do you generate progress reports?

Yes, DocVu.AI generates reports that you can use. DocVu.AI can generate customized reports and adhoc reports as well.

Can I audit a specific mortgage loan?

Yes, you can audit a specific mortgage loan.

If my systems change then?

DocVu.AI can be adapted to changes to your systems from infrastructure to platforms and applications.

If I expand my business to another state then can DocVu adapt?

DocVu.AI can be adapted quickly to a new state.

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