Tackle mortgage rate fluctuations with ease

Docvu AI Article Tackle Mortgage Rate Fluctuations

The mortgage industry has been turbulent in the past couple of years. Various economic and political scenarios have forced the Federal Reserve to recalibrate its monetary policies, which has indirectly affected the mortgage rates significantly. Further, lending rates are increasing rapidly, with the average 30-year fixed mortgage rate reaching 7.2% in October 2022. Naturally, banks are maintaining […]

Maximize the ROI of Your IDP Investments in Mortgage Document Processing

Docvu IDP investments article

Processing mortgage applications entails dealing with a massive pile of documents necessary to verify customers’ loan worthiness and clear approvals. This task is often carried out manually, resulting in reporting errors, missing documents, and an unending waiting period before closure. This has consequences like the loss of time, wasted employee effort, and, eventually, a drop […]

Harnessing perfectly synchronized integrations in the lending ecosystem

Harnessing perfectly synchronized integrations

Working in ‘silos’ is by far not a good thing in today’s times. In fact, as we are headed towards an open banking scenario in the coming years, it is important that the financial institutions first get themselves ready for a more synchronized flow of data between their internal systems. Enormous data gets generated through […]

Get the best Analytics in Mortgage Document Processing at zero investment.

Docvu AI Article on Mortgage

As per a Forbes survey, 55% of respondents from mortgage companies believe that adopting AI in operations can reduce mortgage origination costs by 26%. In mortgages, where document processing errors can lead to incorrect credit decisions, it is vital to be 100% right the first time. A loan package generally, consists of hundreds of pages […]

IDP for Process Efficiency – Here’s how to close in on the Right One

IDP For Process Efficiency

Every organization is unique. From their business goals to the technologies leveraged, the people that make it, and even the culture that makes the organization alive, differs.  Bringing a solution into an organization is a very involving and complex exercise. One needs to consider the organization’s and the project’s critical aspects. A solution with AI […]

Protect your mortgage margins

Net gains in 2021 Q4 declined to $1,099 on each loan originated, compared to $2,594 in the previous quarter, according to a report published by the Mortgage Bankers Association (MBA) on Thursday. This slide-in profitability is on a 6 quarter trend. This is due to softening demand resulting in the slide in the volume of loans. With the feds’ […]

Centralized document library key to your digitized mortgage operations

Complex, paper-based, and error-prone, the management of mortgage documents is often troublesome exposing financial institutions to the potential for unnecessary inefficiencies, losses and defaults. DocVu.AI serves as a central document library and provides a 360 degree view of mortgage documents across the organization. The dynamic forms for all application documents and collaterals type are customizable […]

Discover and Demystify Mortgage Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is already here Artificial Intelligence (AI) is everywhere around us, from voice recognition software in your mobile phone to navigations in car. Even Google uses Artificial Intelligence for its search engine. Netflix, amazon prime movie suggestions are based on Artificial Intelligence. Interacting with Siri, Alexa, Google assistant is also a form of Artificial Intelligence. The goal of Artificial intelligence […]

How does Mortgage Intelligence improve mortgage document processing

AI & ML are an important means to bring the next level of improvements in mortgage operations. In mortgage document processing, the buzzwords are AI & ML capabilities however the maturity is low and the scope is undefined. DocVu’s Mortgage Intelligence is AI & ML customized for Document processing for Mortgage. Mortgage Intelligence can improve […]

Options for mortgage document processing – what is the best for you

Document processing is a big part of mortgage processing. Mortgage documents are categorized and the required information is extracted for the mortgage underwriting process. There are a few options available for document processing. Our objective here is to list out the top advantages and disadvantages that each type of Document processing player provides so you […]