Mortgage Automation: Shaping the Future of The Mortgage Industry

The lending industry recognizes the importance of digital transformation and has made significant progress, especially during the pandemic. In its second-quarter earnings, Rocket executives said that going into 2023 they’re “putting a big chunk of capital [into] internal investment in technology” to save money in the long term. However, the mortgage industry remains highly paper-intensive, […]

Document Automation and the Future of Non-QM Loans with IDP solutions

As margins thin out, lenders are faced with the task of reconfiguring their existing cost structures while looking for alternate revenue streams. The non-QM market is emerging as a lucrative and practical solution for many. COVID-19 halted the boom of non-QM due to the liquidity constraint, however, it regained its market share and finished 2021 […]

Make data-driven decisions using DocVu.AI to improve business efficiency

In Q2FY2021, 16% of mortgage banks reported a pre-tax loss. The primary factors for that were the high cost of operations and a plateau in revenues. For the last four quarters, the mortgage industry has seen healthy growth in revenues. US mortgage banks have adopted strategies to capture mortgage demand.   As revenue growth for the […]

How to Improve Mortgage Origination Efficiency using DocVu.AI’s Intuitive UI/UX

Quality user experience through intuitive UI/UX has become vital in today’s full-scale digital ecosystem. Document processing solutions in the mortgage industry need to create more streamlined workflows and intelligent indicators to make mortgage processing more seamless to help cut down on the average number of days it takes to process the loans. The enhanced user […]

Tackle Origination Costs this 2021- Leverage Tech

Mortgage origination is a labor-intensive as well as time-consuming process. On average, it takes anywhere between 35 to 40 days to close a loan. The need of the hour in 2021 is a strong mortgage processing solution that can help tackle and manage origination costs. Mortgage lenders target closing as many qualified mortgage loans as […]