Mortgage Originations

Mortgage Loan Setup

Loan Setup

Loan originators make the dreams of home buyers real; However, Loan originations also need to address complexities such as ability to manage errors, compliance to privacy regulations speed and accuracy cost effectively.

This can only be addressed with a seamless mortgage document processing system in place with document processing applications specifically designed for mortgage industry.

DocVu.AI has state and federal mortgage documents required for mortgage processing that enable DocVu.AI to index loan packages into sub documents and extract relevant data points. The data extracted processed based on configurable rules and sent to a loan origination system.
Pre Close Audit for Mortgage Originations

Pre Close Audit

The Loan officers will frequently order missing documents to fill in the inadequacies. They will also be order vendor documents Title insurance, Flood reports, Tax Transcripts etc., which are required for approval of the loan.

All the documents relating to credit, capital, collateral and capacity need to be audited for Data Integrity and Completeness with reference to the respective agency guidelines.

DocVu.AI arrages the documents in the required order and identifies the inadequacies through comparison with configured checklists. This information is required to close the loan without compliance issues or order further documents required. DocVu.AI can be configured to ensure that every analyst uses the same QC process

Post Close Audit

The goal of post-closing mortgage loan file review is to assess the accuracy and integrity of the information used to support the lending decision. If the loans are to be sold in secondary market there are additional documents that are added to the loan package.

An independent audit is required in order to review the completeness of the loan package.

DocVu.AI indexes the loan package and compares the results with the given client specific checklist to identify missing documents.
Post Close Audit for Mortgage Originations

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I add new forms & document types to the process?

Yes, you can add new forms and document types very quickly.

Can I edit the data required to be extracted?

Yes you can configure the data required to be extracted from the document

How can DocVu.AI adapt to a change in process?

Yes DocVu.AI is designed to be modular and configurable so that it can be adapted to your processes. DocVu.AI has close to 100 clients and comply with their unique processes

How does DocVu.AI adapt to fluctuating volumes?

DocVu.AI’s load balancers can negotiate fluctuating volumes easily.

Do you generate progress reports?

Yes, DocVu.AI generates reports that you can use. DocVu.AI can generate customized reports and adhoc reports as well.

Can I audit a specific mortgage loan?

Yes, you can audit a specific mortgage loan.

If my systems change then?

DocVu.AI can be adapted to changes to your systems from infrastructure to platforms and applications.

If I expand my business to another state then can DocVu adapt?

DocVu.AI can be adapted quickly to a new state.

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